NAF Requested Union Fisheries Minister Mr.Giriraj Singh for the allotment of land and right to sell fish in Mumbai kannamwar Nagar fish market to the Kholi community

We are well aware of the contribution of kholi community people for the
development of Mumbai by way of their fisheries. We wish to bring an issue
pending for a long time on the representation of kholi community of Maharashtra state.
We wish to submit that more than 40 families of kholi community, who are in the name of “Kannamwar Nagar Fisherman Welfare Association” are selling fishes from 1958,ie more than 62 years, at Kannamwar Nagar fish market. During 1987,the then Home Minister of Maharashtra Shri V.R.Sherekar helped them to get the said market land in their favour by paying the land cost. So the people of Kannamwar Nagar paid the land cost to the Government of Maharashtra. Later Bombay Housing and Area Development Board also allotted the said Kannamwar Nagar fish market land to the kholi community fisherman of nearly 40 families to their favour under letter no 276,dated 30-06-1987 and since the market is functioning without any trouble.
But the said association of kholi people are not well educated and they were
not informed about the condition during follow up. In order to complete the
procedures they approached “Mumbai Housing and Area Development Board – MHADB” and “Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai – MCGM” for the orders of allotment of land in their favour to get the market land. The above said Association and members of community approaching the authorities for the past 20 years. But the authorities could not able provide information or orders to them.

In the absence of orders of allotment of fish market land in favour of the
members of the Kannamwar Nagar Fisherman Welfare Association, the Kholi community people are getting trouble from local authorities, with a threat to relocate the place of market which they are enjoying for more than 70 years as fish market. In view of the above situation we humbly request the Hon’ble Minister for Fisheries, Government of India to kindly intervene in this issue of Kannamwar Nagar Fisherman Welfare Association with suitable recommendations to the Maharashtra Government authorities to consider favourably on their request and allot the said market land in their favour separately as a plot and help the kholi community to run the fishmarket in peaceful manner as that is the only way to their livelihood and help them by rendering justice.
A representation by the association was already made to the Honble Chief
minister and Honble speaker of Maharashtra.

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