Request to CM of Andhrapradesh to stop clearing Mangrove forest for Housing Scheme in Kakinada

Kakinada, 18 April 2020 Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced a scheme ―Pedalandariki Illu – ―Houses for all‖. Everyone welcomed it including National Association of Fishermen. In Kakinada this scheme is implemented by destroying the Mangrove forest which are the real treasures of our country. Clearing this mangrove forest for the construction of houses will […]

Support for the Fishermen stuck in Somnath District in Gujarat

Gujarath, 03 April 2020 The Fishermen community people from Arivalasa village, Ranasthalam, Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh went to Somanth, Gujarat State as crew to work in fishing boats. Due to Covid-19 lockdown fishing activities are stopped and they can’t go back to their homes. The boat owners could take care of them for few days […]

Request for Monetary assistance for fishermen and removal of fishing ban period

Newdelhi, 27 March 2020 Due to social distancing and isolation measures to stop the spread of Covid- 19, the livelihood of fishermen is seriously affected. So we requested Union Fisheries Minister to consider the following demands and take necessary action. The fishing ban is enforced from April 15 to June 14 to facilitate the breeding […]