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Image Trekking is the art of living, traveling and surviving in the great outdoors-and being one with nature. The need for self-actualization can be met in number of ways. At its simplest, the desire to 'commune with nature' is a common trait. One does not have to be a professional climber to enjoy the serenity and sublime beauty of mountains.

Image Water Skiing - Most exciting water sports that bring Fun & Thrill in the same time, riding on waves gives a great pleasure & unforgettable experience. Though it need some training & techniques but water skiing is one of the most pleasurable water sports, more you practice more you enjoy.

Image White water Rafting / Kayaking / Canoeing - Ever thought floating down the river could be fun? It is when you go through rapids and small water falls, fighting the waves, feeling the sheer exhilaration of coming up toppers. A more personal form of rafting is the kayak in which you are on a one to one basis with the water.

Image Para Sailing - Get swept off your feet and float in the air! Have a Jeep / Motor Boat pull you in the air for short exhilarating ride under a Para Sail.