National Adventure Foundation (NAF) is a non commercial, socially oriented, philanthropic, non governmental organisation (NGO), committed to the promotion of adventure activities and sports among the youth of the country with special emphasis on the underprivileged sections of the society.

However, it does organise ‘exposure to Adventure’ for anyone of any age, gender or vocation, if he/ she is interested in it, as cost effectively as possible, based on ‘subsidy to those who need it, through grants advanced by Govt. Depts. like the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports’, while others pay as per services provided/ arranged.

What Can the NAF Do for you, Individually or as a Group
  • Offers all kind Adventure Exposures to youths in all elements i.e. Terrestrial, Aero & Aqua.
  • Self Defence Programs for Girls & Specialised Adventure programs for handicapped.
  • Adventure Programs including aero & water sports on behalf of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India.
  • Adventure programs & training for different Institution, Schools, Colleges.
  • Outbound training programmes for Corporates.
  • Make available some vacancies in mountaineering Courses at NIM, HMI & JIM..

Donation Appeal

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This is an appeal for donations which may be made either in KIND or in CASH way.
If you plan for a year, Sow Paddy,
If you plan for a decade, Plant Trees,
If you plan for the future, Nurture Youth.
(A Chinese Quote)


Adventure Sports

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NAF and its Chapters conduct

  • Adventure Sports on behalf of Ministry of ‘Youth Affairs & Sports (YA&S)’, Govt of India.
  • Educational Institutions. NAF Carries out Adventure Sports for students of various education institutes.
  • Out Bound Training for Corporates: Conducts Camps for Corporate Executives for Character Development, Motivation and Leadership Qualities.


NAFER 2017 Advertisement

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Every year NAF brings out an Annual Souvenir called ‘The NAFER’ which covers the yearly activities of the NAF as also the Adventure events of significance, nationally and internationally, in addition to articles and personal experiences of eminent adventurists. The Souvenir also includes messages from eminent personalities from the Central Govt and the field of Adventure Sports. This Souvenir is widely distributed all over the country, to educational institutions.


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